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How to Create Passive Income for Life!

 Discover the most Lucrative way of quickly developing Residual Income that’s as Passive as it gets, so…

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What is passive income & what’s so important about it?

If you have enough Passive Income coming in that you can live on, then…
You Are Rich!
As you might already be aware, passive income is a type of income that once its set-up requires no further input from You.
There are many types of passive income and the easiest to understand is a “Retirement Pension”!
Its Money that comes in month after month, whether you get up in the morning or not!
The only question is…
“How Secure” is Your Pension Long-term?
As we’ve seen in the latest Economic Downturn, many Pensions have just disappeared as Major Corporations went bankrupt!
 So it’s up to you to Generate passive income, over and above any kind of pension plan because you can’t survive on a government pension.
Types of Passive Income!
The belief is that generating passive income can take many forms, for example…
The theory of passive income is that it is derived from a source that requires no work to generate the payment.
Another way of putting it is that passive income is an income that is received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. It is a term often used when people discuss building wealth.
This kind of income has historically come from investments in dividend paying stocks, interest in savings accounts or bonds, or renting real estate.
In Music, Movie, Television, and Books etc… Royalties are paid to musicians, actors and artists each time their work is aired.
An Author gets a Royalty each time one of his/her Books is sold, and then you have patent royalties, click-through income, and online advertising revenue, and these are just some examples of different types of passive income, however…
Real Passive Income Is a Myth!
The myth of passive income is that you can do something one time, and receive a residual income for the rest of your life, so let’s look at it realistically…
The definition of passive income could be stated as… 
Passive Income is income that comes in month after month, year after year, for something that you did once in the past, however…
What happens when people stop buying the book that the author wrote?
What happens when the music, movie, television, books, or screenplays stop being viewed and purchased?  The Royalties Stop!
And what about Rental Income? That’s definitely not a passive income, because after all…
You have to deal with Renters, Zoning Regulations, Insurance, Maintenance and Repair, etc. etc…  It might give you a nice income and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it certainly can’t be termed “passive income”, not to mention what happens when the bottom drops out of the Real Estate Market or Stock Market, and lifetime savings are wiped out almost overnight.
That’s never been made clearer than in these Economic Times.
And what about click-through income and online advertising revenue???
This of course assumes that you have a fully functional “High Traffic Website”, and this is maybe the biggest passive income myth of all, because…
Running a website, is certainly not passive and if you want to compete with the “Big Boys”, you’re going to need a team of highly paid experts working for you.
 On the other hand, you could invest your “Hard-Earned Money” (if you have any left after living), but again that’s not passive.
Another option is to put your Hard-Earned Money into the hands of a financial expert. The problem here is that they take the cream off the top, and you take all the risks, and…
Who can you really trust? Bernie Madoff comes to mind…
So totally passive income really is a Myth, but…
Here’s the Good News!
Once you understand the myth of passive income, then you can be on your way to creating real wealth, and developing dependable Residual Income that is almost passive.
That’s the Real Secret!
In these Tough Economic Times it’s a much “safer” direction, and it leaves you in control, because you see…
You Have Two Options!
 Now here I’m assuming that “Our Goal” is passive income, or as close as we can get to it.
If you have some Capital to Invest, then in these uncertain economic times you’re probably much better off putting most of your liquid assets into safe government bonds or something like that. At least you hold onto your capital that way, and that’s the First Law.
On the other hand, now is probably a very good time to invest, if you know what you’re doing. But again let me repeat, that’s not passive!
The Second Option…
Earn passive income from businesses that need little or no work to maintain once it’s set up properly.
Although I don’t want to bore you all the details it’s important to understand how to get passive income, or more properly termed “residual income”.
The Number One Rule!
 The number one rule for acquiring income that’s passive is…
An Initial Burst of Energy, then minimal energy from then on!
If a Venture can’t qualify for that Rule, it can’t provide you with passive income.
Passive income is definitely a key to financial freedom but it takes time to build.  It won’t take you a month or a year to reach financial freedom but if you continue working on your passive income, you will get the results you want as long as you realize that passive income isn’t exactly 100% passive.
To build a steady passive income takes some work and patience in the beginning. Passive income is when you have your money or initial energy working for you and it is probably the best kind of income you can make because it’s still coming in when you don’t actually work, so it gives you…
Financial Security in Turbulent Economic Times!
In these turbulent financial times, wouldn’t it be a great relief and feeling of peace to know that one is on the right course, sailing easily and steadily towards the safe harbour of financial freedom and independence!
We would like to show you that residual income which is “almost” passive is one of the better, if not best ways, to create wealth and personal freedom for you and your family.
Passive income allows you to begin to “Have A Life”!
Because Passive income is income you have coming in to the household that you don’t really work for anymore. The key is that it is designed to happen in the near future instead of the distant future like as in retirement.
Generate Passive Income on the Internet
We can show you how to generate real passive income online & offline.
So you are looking to set yourself up so as to generate some passive income on a long-term continual basis, then you have come to the right website, as we can explain to you briefly what is involved in generating a substantial passive income and then also show you how to proceed to achieve that online, using your computer and the internet, in other words…
You never have to leave your computer desk to build the Best passive income available anywhere, and…
Without any kind of large investment, so it’s available to everyone who is on the quest for residual passive income.
Also… with our free training you’ll learn passive income Secrets for building a Passive income generator that will be creating a massive passive income for you without having to make passive income investments.
It’s easy to create passive income because we’ll show you how to make passive income using the best 21st Century passive income generators, for the best passive online income available anywhere.
Earning Has Never Been so Easy!
Our passive income business strategy will also ensure that you are doing your business at zero risk.
Earning any kind of income – passive or linear – takes work, but the more one thinks about it, the more having a passive income seems like a better and smarter way to work towards Financial Security & Freedom.
Earned income, on the other hand, is income that requires you to show up to get paid.
We’ll show you how you can become a Master of passive income as you learn "how to develop passive income" so you can "create passive income" for the rest of your life.
To do it properly requires appropriate knowledge, and the understanding of what steps to take to be Successful, so once you invest some initial time and effort you’ll soon see some passive residual income that you can actually spend.

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